When you need a custom engine or dependable engine repairs, you want a team of machinists you can trust. You need an engine machining crew that pays great attention to detail and consistently performs quality work.​

​​At Performance Machine, LLC. in Austin, TX, we specialize in outstanding engine builds and repairs, and we can provide the reliable work you need. We excel in diesel engine repair, and we can work on both foreign and domestic engines.


-12 VALVE 5.9, 1YR WRTY $3,600 OR 3YR WRTY $3,900
-24 VALVE 5.9, 1YR WRTY $3,800 OR 3YR WRTY $4,100
-Common Rail 5.9, 1YR WRTY $4,000 OR 3YR WRTY $4,300

-7.3 1YR WRTY $3,700 OR 3YR WRTY $4,000
-6.0 1YR WRTY $4,200 OR 3YR WRTY $4,500


Restore and Rebuild Your Diesel Engine 


Whether a tractor, boat, race engine, or truck is giving you grief, our team can quickly repair or replace any damaged motor parts. We’ll easily get your engine up and running in no time.​

​Some of our most common repair services include:​

  • *Boring and honing
  • *Crank balancing, grinding, and polishing
  • *Cylinder replacing
  • *Flywheel resurfacing
  • *Head machining
  • *Porting and polishing

For your convenience, we also offer Cummins diesel engine rebuilding. And for custom engines, we’ll discuss what you want in an engine and create a completely individualized engine that suits your needs and personal preferences



Meet With Our Hard-Working Crew


At Performance Machine, LLC., we understand that your diesel engine is the workhorse behind your vehicle or equipment, so we offer fast turnaround times for our services. And with our knowledge and experience, you can depend on us to get the job done right the first time. We’ll dedicate our efforts to ensure your engine performs at its best.​

If you need diesel engine repair in Austin, TX or any of the surrounding areas, call

(512) 497-0312. If necessary, we can arrange free pick-up and delivery, and if you have any questions, our professional team would be happy to discuss your concerns with you. For a look at some of our past work, take a look at the photos below.